5 Free Email Marketing Tools Every Business Needs in 2024

Creating engaging campaigns and building an email list is essential for any business. With endless tasks, finding the right tools to streamline your efforts is tough and can be a game-changer. However, as we see in the digital era, email marketing software can exhaust your budget before you start. 

Fortunately, some organizations have created fantastic free email marketing tools that help you automate tasks, personalize your outreach, and measure your success—all without breaking the bank.

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Why we do need Free Email Marketing Tools: 

  • Cost-Effective: Running a business is expensive, and free email marketing tools allow you to manage everything within your budget and calculate email marketing ROI before going for a paid plan.
  • Save Time: These programs provide features such as email templates, drag-and-drop editors, and automation capabilities, which allow you to concentrate on other essential aspects of your business. 
  • Grow Your Audience:  You can create campaigns and build potential customer relationships with free tools. 

Explore the Top 5 Most Engaging and Trending Free Email Marketing Tools.


Mailchimp’s free plan is a well-liked choice. It allows you to send up to 1,000 emails per month to 500 contacts, with a daily send limit of 500. Marketers of all kinds love Mailchimp for its comprehensive capabilities and easy-to-use UI. With customizable templates and sophisticated statistics, this platform provides all the necessary tools to design, distribute, and monitor professional-looking campaigns. 


This feature-rich platform offers a free plan with up to 15,000 monthly emails and a 2,500 subscriber limit. It also provides Email automation features. It also provides Google Analytics Tracking, SPAM Check, and Custom DKIM Settings. It is unique in that it has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor that makes designing visually appealing emails without the need for technical knowledge. Additionally, using its automation tools, you can create customized ads based on subscriber behavior, saving you time and increasing engagement. 

HubSpot Email Marketing

With HubSpot’s free plan, you can send up to 2,000 emails monthly to a list of up to 1,000 subscribers. The seamless integration that HubSpot Email Marketing provides with your CRM and other tools is a feature of their all-in-one marketing platform. Its robust automation tools and user-friendly UI let you develop customized campaigns that increase engagement and conversions. 


The Mailjet free plan allows you to send up to 6,000 emails per month to a list of up to 200 subscribers. It has a drag-and-drop editor, basic automation tools, and real-time campaign performance tracking. 

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email’s free plan allows you to send up to 3,500 monthly emails to a list of 500 contacts. It offers a variety of solutions to meet the demands of both novice and expert marketers. With its extensive automation capabilities and responsive templates, you can send targeted messages relevant to your audience. 

Choose the Right Free Tool as per your Business Requirements

Your specific goals and subscriber list size determine your business’s most effective free email marketing tool. Consider these factors when making your decision:

  • Number of Subscribers: Some free options have limitations, such as the storage of contacts, which may be limited to specific numbers.
  • Features: Some specialized features, such as drag-and-drop editors, automation capabilities, and analytics tools, are better suited to specific projects than others.
  • Ease of Use: How convenient do you regard technology? Choose a platform that is also easier for users to operate


In conclusion, free email marketing tools provide a range of benefits in terms of time and cost-efficient solutions to maximize your marketing outreach. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time marketing campaigner or a seasoned marketer who has been in the business for quite some time; there is always a tool that will be useful to you. So why not take advantage of these free tools and start making the benefits of email marketing today?

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