Your Complete Guide to LinkedIn Ad Marketing Services

People who work in digital marketing often forget about LinkedIn Ads in favor of Google and Facebook Ads. However, many businesses need to learn this: LinkedIn Ads can benefit B2B companies.

80% of B2B Marketers Advertise on LinkedIn

Two-thirds of marketers use paid LinkedIn ads to reach business leaders, making it the best tool for business-to-business (B2B) communication.

LinkedIn is a site for professional networking. Businesses can show their ads only to people in their area or field, making them much more relevant than other platforms and generating better leads and sales.

This article discussed why LinkedIn Ads are advantageous to B2B and why a business needs LinkedIn Advertising Marketing Services.

Here are the few tips on how you can use LinkedIn Ads to boost your business today!  

What makes LinkedIn an ideal platform for B2B advertising compared to other social media platforms?

LinkedIn has over 850 million professionals, making it the largest professional network. B2B advertisers targeting decision-makers, influencers, and professionals will love this highly engaged audience that seeks business content and connections. LinkedIn is efficient for B2B lead creation due to its comprehensive targeting capabilities and professional user base.  

One of the best things about advertising on LinkedIn is that you can target a particular group of people based on their job title, industry, company size, and location, among other things. This lets content marketers make strategies that are very specific and more likely to reach the people they want to reach.

Guide to LinkedIn Ads Types

LinkedIn’s marketing platform connects you with over 850 million professionals.  

Single Image Ad

Share your message immediately in the LinkedIn stream/feed. Single-image ads can target a specific demographic on desktop and mobile.  Single-image ads works at all levels of full-funnel marketing.

Document Ad

Document ads are a type of Sponsored Content ad that appears in both the LinkedIn feed and the LinkedIn Audience Network. Promote both gated and ungated papers in users’ feeds, allowing them to access and download content without leaving the platform.  

Carousel Image Ad

Tell an interactive story with a swipeable series of cards in your LinkedIn feed. You can change the content and landing URL for each card.

Video Ad

Get people to connect with your content right in their LinkedIn feed, on both desktop and mobile devices.

Text Ad 

Include an exciting headline, a short description, and even a picture if you want to. Text ads appear at the page’s top or in the desktop view’s right column. Because it’s easy to set up, you can reach your fans immediately.  

Dynamic Ad/ Spotlight Ads

Anyone who clicks on your spotlight will be taken directly to your website or landing page. These dynamic advertising can be displayed on desktop devices and are personalized for each member depending on their LinkedIn profile data, such as profile photo, company name, or job title. 

Follower Ad

Follower ads invite individuals to follow your LinkedIn or Showcase Page on your desktop. These advertising are personalized to each member by including their profile photo next to your company’s logo, as well as their initial name and company name in the ad description.

Event Ad

Event ads let you promote LinkedIn Events from your Page to a specific target. Event ads are a type of Sponsored Content ads that appear in a member’s LinkedIn feed and are optimized to emphasize crucial event details.

Sponsored Messaging 

Get your clients involved in LinkedIn Messaging, which is a place where professionals can talk to each other. You can now get Sponsored Messaging in both Message ads and Conversation ads. To get a higher conversion rate, ads are only shown in LinkedIn Messenger when users actively use it.  

1) Message Ad 

Send direct texts to get things done right away. Send a specific message with one call to action. 

2) Conversation Ad 

A choose-your-own-path experience can help you start quality conversations with your viewers.

Why are LinkedIn Ads so expensive?

Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, Social media marketing significantly impacts business growth. It enables businesses to connect with customers, engage with their target audience, and market their products or services. Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, Social media marketing significantly impacts business growth. It enables businesses to connect with customers, engage with their target audience, and market their products or services. Based on your business objectives and requirements, choose the social media platform on which to run advertising to achieve better results. According to the B2B industry, LinkedIn is the best platform for running the ad.  There are a few reasons why LinkedIn ads are expensive as compared to other social media ad sites:

  • LinkedIn has a highly professional audience of professionals, decision-makers, and industry influencers, giving it a highly focused yet premium audience.
  • LinkedIn provides comprehensive targeting options based on professional demographics, such as job title, industry, company size, seniority level, skills, and more, which adds value while increasing costs. 
  • Because LinkedIn is so good for B2B advertising, there is often a lot of competition for ad space, which raises advertising costs through bids.
  • LinkedIn offers various ad formats, including Sponsored Content, Sponsored Email, Text Ads, and Dynamic Ads. Because of their direct nature, some LinkedIn ad forms, such as sponsored inMail, are more expensive.
  • LinkedIn also has higher minimum budget standards, which make it harder for smaller businesses to join. Even though it costs more, LinkedIn Ads can give companies that want to reach specific professional groups a better return on their investment. This makes LinkedIn a useful tool for business-to-business advertising.

Because of this, LinkedIn Ads are usually more expensive. LinkedIn has a higher-quality professional audience, more targeting options, more competition for ad inventory, more ad style choices, lower minimum budget requirements, and a higher chance of a higher return on investment. Even though it costs more, LinkedIn is still a good place for businesses to advertise to other businesses, especially those that want to connect with professionals and make actual sales.

Reliable LinkedIn Marketing Services for Your Business

Create engaging and highly targeted LinkedIn ad campaigns that reach your target audience, resonate with their interests and needs, and inspire them to convert using Business Digitaly’s industry-leading LinkedIn advertising services.

Expert Make Strategic Plans:

Ad services can help businesses quickly maximize their LinkedIn advertising. By hiring professionals skilled in LinkedIn advertising, companies can benefit from strategic planning that aligns with their goals and target audience. 

Advanced Targeting with continuous analysis:

These services are excellent at advanced Targeting, ensuring ads get to the right pros and waste as little money as possible. Businesses can get better results over time by constantly optimizing their campaigns. This can include changing their bidding methods and improving the creatives they use in their ads. 

Performance reports in the budget:

LinkedIn’s ad services also help with content development, budget management, and performance reporting, which helps businesses get the most out of their advertising budgets and reach their advertising goals quickly.


It’s easy for B2B businesses to reach the audience they want to do business with through LinkedIn Ads. There are so many benefits of LinkedIn Ads, such as the ability to target a particular niche/audience, monitor and analyse results, and expand your campaign.

Overall, using a LinkedIn ad service can make your advertising more efficient, improve the success of your campaigns, and help you get better results on the platform. Working with a LinkedIn ad service enables you to reach your goals more quickly and easily, whether you want to get more leads, raise company awareness, or make sales. 

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