10 Content Marketing Mistakes US Businesses Make

Despite the constant change, content rules supreme in the world of digital marketing. However, it is not a hidden fact that even the most experienced and successful business can face pitfalls while implementing content marketing strategies. Over the years at Business Digitaly, we’ve come across it all – the feelings of success and failure. To effectively reach out to the international market, US businesses should be wise in executing their content marketing strategies to avoid the following errors.

This blog brings to light some of the most common content marketing errors that should be avoided by US businesses, along with tips on how not to commit them.

10 Content Marketing Mistakes US Businesses Make and How to Avoid Them

Content Marketing Mistakes US Businesses Make and How to Avoid Them

1) Ignoring Audience Insights

The worst mistake a business can make is to lose focus on the basics, which are understanding their audience, their wants, and their needs. You need to find a way to engage your audience and create Content that will hit home with them. Some US businesses need to consider the rich diversity of cultures, languages, and tastes that are found in the global market. It is close to impossible to engage a French-speaking audience when you are feeding them Content filled with American football-related terms.

Solution: Make sure you know as much about your target audience and the industry in general, including the targets’ sense of humour and their primary concerns. Where appropriate, it is essential to respect the cultures of the countries in which it operates and not use slang or terms that may not have the same meaning in the US market.

International Appeal Booster Tip: To increase your brand’s association with the global sphere, consider including multicultural employees or using Content submitted by customers from different regions of the world.

2) Overlooking SEO Optimization


What good is Content without SEO? Well, it is like a ship with no compass. Maximise keyword usage and linking strategies in order to improve retrieval chances and audiences.

3) Inconsistent Brand Voice

Brand voice is one of the essential aspects that contribute to the formation of your identity, and it may be very concrete. It is important that, regardless of the medium used in marketing, one stays consistent in their marketing approach in order to build the much-needed trust and appeal with the targeted consumer. Brand building involves a process of creating and sustaining the company and its product in the minds of the consumers. This powerful phrase also influenced the readers of The Guardian and many other international blogs and Twitter accounts who want to be noticed.

Solution: It should coincide with other holidays or events in different countries. Kit: Posting articles on the platform daily and on other social media platforms weekly.

International Appeal Booster Tip: Always make sure that you are posting at the appropriate time to suit each region by using scheduling tools for posting on social media platforms.

4) Quantity Over Quality

It is very important to remember that while quantity might help you get feet through the door, quality will ensure that heads turn your way. Pay special attention to creating quality and interesting Content that will be meaningful and bring value to people’s lives.

5) Content as per Region

One of the key aspects that make international marketing a great field is the fact that it is quite diverse. This is because it is unlikely that the same Content will create the same kind of enticement or passion in both Tokyo and Berlin audiences.

Solution: Is it more effective to add some content in the text that is specifically geared toward various regions? Here are some tips on how to extend localization, which means adapting the Website and Content to the language, currency, and even date format acceptable to the audience.

International Appeal Booster Tip: There is, for example, Weibo in China, which is the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, and VK in Russia, which is the Russian version of Facebook, that people use more frequently than their foreign counterparts.

6) Ignoring Content Distribution

The generation of excellent Content is not the issue of concern, but it is making it stand out and impacting the intended audience. Therefore, there should be efficient distribution through different channels to ensure it has a wider coverage so that it can have the desired infl

7) Neglecting Engagement and Community Building

You are currently in the process of writing Content, but remember that content marketing is actually a two-way street. To create legitimate ways of communicating with the audience, engage with them actively, and always seek their feedback to support your community-building endeavours. In this regard, they should avoid over-emphasizing their American identity and positioning as the nation’s saviour. It is always laudable when global audiences find the brands they are using, recognizing and responding to their culturally specific concerns.

Solution: Take on a ‘partnering’ role in relation to international issues, and instead of identifying yourself with power, highlight your willingness to work with other countries to address complex problems. Through the overall strategy of inviting guest bloggers or industry specialists from the specified regions, it will be possible to present varied opinions and enhance credibility.

International Appeal Booster Tip: For your US content that has delivered good results, always translate what you need for a different market, but do not directly translate. Alter it to include examples that reflect the local culture, such as successful individuals and organizations in your target country.

8) Neglecting Visual Appeal

In the context of qualitative forums, where the ever-increasing competition puts high emphasis on the lookout for compelling images and multimedia objects. Engage your audience by supplementing text with relevant images, graphics, and other forms of media.

9) Failure to Repurpose Content

Sharing is caring, and you wouldn’t want to see great Content go to waste, would you? Promote your best converter content, some of which would include reposting your pieces into other formats and pushing them through different channels.

10) Ignoring Analytics and Metrics

Data is your guide to the virtual world. Systematically review performance indicators that would provide insights into content effectiveness and make modifications where necessary for optimization. Well, if you are not tracking the results, how will you know whether this strategy is effective or which aspect of it is ineffective? Overlooking essential parameters is similar to driving in a car with your eyes covered.

Solution: Some strategies include the use of web tracking tools designed to monitor traffic sources, language and content interactions originating from international websites.

International Appeal Booster Tip: It means focusing on what happens after visitors have come to the website – including how engaged they are. Monitor the actual changes in the number of conversions, sales, and brand reputation in your target territories to see the mixed results of your global content marketing.


Thus, by steering clear of the mentioned content marketing mistakes, the businesses of the US can fully harness the untapped opportunities of the global market.

In fact, content marketing is not a process characterized by failures but by constant learning, constant improvement, and dynamic progress. Here are creative guidelines on how to stay curious to ensure that your Content flies high to the next level of success.
To conclude, I want to remind everyone that patience and thinking ahead can go a long way in creating more bonds, not barriers, with the global public.

We at Business Digitaly can guide you in entering the vast world of content marketing from an international perspective. Contact us today!

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