Instagram Reels: 2024 Best Practices for Business

Over time, social media marketing has become quite distinctly competitive, especially with the appearance of Instagram Reels as a potent marketing avenue for reaching the target audience. Given that Reels consists of short, engaging clips, it is possible to consider the short-term benefits of the feature for business accounts and its potential to increase brand awareness and engagement. Here, you will find the key observations on the usage of Instagram Reels to develop your business by 2024.

1) Understand Your Audience

Anyone interested in developing reels must consider and know who their target client is. It is now possible to know exactly what kind of video content may interest them in order to capture their attention. When using Instagram, individuals and businesses should ensure they use the insights provided to know the viability of the page.

  • Your followers’ demographics,
  • Interests
  • Behaviors.

Make sure you feed them with content that is more relevant to their choice and the type of content they want to see.

2. Create Engaging and High-Quality Content

It is crucial to make your Reels different so that they can be unique without compromising on content quality.

  • Invest in good lighting,
  • Clear audio
  • High-resolution video.

Make the first seconds of your videos interesting and attractive so that the audience does not turn their attention away from the content. It should be creative and useful, and it is better to make it an interesting story that is fun to read, watch, or listen to.

3. Leverage Trending Music and Hashtags

Close-up of a person holding a black cell phone. Hashtags float out of the top of the phone like bubbles. The hashtags say "#️⃣" and other unreadable text.

To promote the Reels, you need to use popular music and tags that are relevant to users’ content. One of the great discoveries is that Instagram likes reposts of popular audio tracks as well as frequent hashtag mentions. Discover some of the new trends that you can use to expand your reach with Reels.

4. Showcase Your Products or Services

With the help of Instagram Reels, it is possible to attract more clients and demonstrate how your products or services work. A popular way of marketing your products is by producing short and informative videos that will show the attractive aspects of your offerings. Opt for using creativity with some form of outdoor display, a glimpse behind the scenes, or a client’s experience to make the content realistic.

5. Include a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Each reel should be closed with the expectation of knowing where the viewers should go next. No matter whether a person comes to your website from a search engine or a specific product page or chooses to follow you on social media, a good CTA can make a world of difference in terms of engagement or, in some cases, instant conversion. Keep your CTA short and snappy when you want to grab the reader’s attention.

6. Post Consistently and at Optimal Times

When it comes to IG marketing, one needs to be consistent in order to maintain a unique audience. Create a content calendar and make a habit of sharing Reels frequently to remain relevant to your audience. In the same regard, you need to check your #Instagram #Insights and find out when the most appropriate time to share updates is.

7. Take Advantage of Influencers by Collaborating with them

Influencers can help your brand and content go viral faster than you might think, and because their followers trust them, the information they share with them is reliable. Select influencers targeting a crowd similar to yours, as that is how you will attract traffic. A great way in which you can leverage new followers is through an influencer campaign, which also adds credibility to your brand.

8. Monitor Performance and Adjust Strategies

A graphical representation of Instagram analytics: Illustrating metrics like views, likes, and shares to emphasize monitoring performance and adjusting strategies.

Always analyze the performance of your Reels through Instagram’s analytics metrics. Track features like views, likes, comments, shares, and saves. This way, one will be able to see which strategies form the basis of its success in the platform. This information can be used to modify your content plan or to create better future Reels.


Instagram Reels is an opportunity to expand the reach of the company with the help of an innovative approach to its social media presence. That’s why we have provided you with a list of tips on creating successful Reels in 2024 so that you can focus on furthering the growth of your business. Begin to use this platform to post different content ideas, analyze the outcome, and work on maximizing the effectiveness of this tool.

With these best practices in mind, your business can harness the full power of Instagram Reels and continue to attract more attention in the saturated digital landscape of 2024.  For more expert tips on digital marketing strategies, stay tuned to Business Digitaly.


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